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YukomiCon Line-Up Change


June 12, 2017

There is a major change to the Special Guest line-up for YukomiCon 2017.

Zoie Palmer has cancelled her 2017 YukomiCon appearance; Rachel Skarsten will be joining the line-up.

Palmer, who currently appears on both Dark Matter and Lost Girl, withdrew from appearing at YukomiCon 2017 due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict. While this news is unfortunate, we are extremely excited to have Rachel Skarsten join the line-up.

Skarsten is an actor best known for her roles as "Black Canary/Dinah Lance" on Birds of Prey, "Tamsin" on Lost Girl, and most recently as "Queen Elizabeth" on Reign. She has also had recurring roles on The LA Complex, Flashpoint, and The CW's Beauty and the Beast.

The full guest line-up is available on the YukomiCon website.

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