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Saturday Workshops: Necronomicon | The Golden Snitch | String Art

Sunday Workshops: Silhouette Jars | My Little Pony RPG | Deathstar Pokéball

Saturday Talks, Panels, Demonstrations

Sunday Talks, Panels, Demonstrations


Saturday, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

$30 | 12 person maximum capacity


Tired of always picking up your own socks?  Wish you had some help with your homework?  Search for answers no more!  Come to YukomiCon GEM and build your own book to summon the Dead and all your troubles will be gone…

You will make a Mod Podge Necronomicon using paper towel, cotton balls, tissue paper, paint, all on top of a thick sketch book.

The Golden Snitch

Saturday, 3:30-4:30 pm

$20 | 12 person maximum capacity

You like that ball, don’t you?  You must be a natural Seeker then, like You-Know-Who…aww, you know we’re talking about Harry Potter, not that other guy!  Accept the role of a lifetime and catch your first snitch for 150 points!

You will make a golden snitch with paint, wire, ball, and mounted on a wood flag (painted by you of your House colours).

String Art

Saturday, 5-7 pm

$25 | 12 person maximum capacity

We know you’ve been raised in believing you shouldn’t cross the strings, that it “would be bad”.  But just in case you’re a little fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing, try to imagine how cool it would look on your wall.  Hammers are bad though – important safety tip, thanks Egon…


You will hammer a design (choices made at sign up) using nails onto a plank of wood, and coil your string in chosen colours around the nails.  Mounting not included.

Silhoutte Jars

Sunday, 11:15-12:5 pm

$20 | 12 person maximum capacity

Faeries, tree spirits, fantastical beasts – whatever you want to call them – live in the world around us in secret.  Rumour has it that if you leave a special twinkle jar out, you might be able to catch a glimpse of their shadow within.


You will make a silhouette mason jar with your choice of fairy, Totoro, or dragon; materials and battery powered light provided.

My Little Pony RPG

Sunday, 12:30-1:45 pm

$15 | 6 player maximum

Great adventure, tons of fun!  A Beautiful heart, faithful and strong.  Sharing kindness, it’s an easy feat, and magic makes it all complete!  Come to Ponyville and try out he all new Friendship is Magic Roleplaying table top game!  Create your own pony headband, pick some dice, and get ready to adventure - party cannon not included!


You will make a My Little Pony felt headband before playing a table top mini-adventure in Equestria – dice set and bag for each player to keep.

Deathstar Pokéball

Sunday, 2-4 pm

$25 | 10 person maximum

What could possibly happen when two worlds collide??  Could the science of a Pokeball be related to the Force?  Could Luke have destroyed the Death Star (spoiler!) if space Pokemon existed?  Is 42 really the answer?  Bring two fandoms together in the third dimension and discuss the possibilities while using Perler beads to geek out!


You will make a medium to large Death Star Poke ball made out of Perler beads, mounted on a canvas; all materials except mounting hardware provided. 

Saturday Talks, Panels, and Demonstrations

Meet Special Guest 501st Legion Members

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Come get your Stars Wars on with a meet and greet and chance to ask questions with our special guests, members of the Outer Rim and Badlands Garrisons of the 501st Legion.

Geekiness in Art Across Western Canada

1-2 pm

Check out the cool projects and artwork by some of our guest artists from across Western Canada. Find out the stories behind their work and their brand of geekiness, get some tips for your own projects, and fall in love with some new pieces.

Creating Amazing Projects with Yukonstruct

2-3 pm

Got a really big idea for a project? Find out from Yukonstruct how you can turn that dream project into reality.

"Hakuna Matata - Lip Syncing for Kids

3-4 pm

Come join Lindsay Birss at the Kids “Hakuna Matata” Lip Sync workshop. Kids can learn how to create their own fun, entertaining, award winning lip sync! During the class Lindsay will workshop a LION KING Lip Sync with the participants!

Stranger Things? RPGing with the Whole Family

4-5 pm


Evolution of Gaming: Then and Now

5-6 pm

Sunday Talks, Panels, and Demonstrations

So You Want to Be a Dungeon Master

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Come learn with master DM Chris Pinkerton of Mythic Solutions what it takes to run your own campaign.

Renaissance Dance

1-2 pm

Dance like it's 1473! Lianne transports us to the Renaissance era during an hour of courtly dancing that celebrates one of the most important social activities of the time. No partner or experience necessary - come prepared to dance!


Blades of Glory with Company of the White Wolf

1:30-2:30 pm | KDCC Patio

Cheer for your favourite night as members of the Company of the White Wolf hold practice bouts outside.


LGBTQ2SI* & Alt/Pop Culture


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